Welcome back my social media butterflies,   As you all know, social media is an ever-growing and popular online platform, that has proven time and time over to be fundamental for the communication between B2B and B2C.   In 2019, it is estimated that there will be around 2.77 billion social media users around the globe. Now […]


Would you like some spam with that?

…     Spam… one of life’s not so great wonders and I’m not talking about the ‘tinned meat’ type…     The spam that I want to cover is the annoying type. Those unsolicited messages sent over the internet, indiscriminately, to a large number of Internet users, usually persuading users to conform to an […]

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I M C-oca-Cola

  Rise and shine beautiful bloggers! Today marks a special day. Well, not entirely… to you it might just be an ordinary day but to me it’s a special day. It’s the first day I have been able to walk out in a summer dress and actually feel like summer is finally on its way. […]

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There’s no place like HOME…

Ever heard of The ‘Internet of Things’…? If you haven’t, don’t stress! 87 percent of respondents from a recent survey haven’t heard of the term either! The ‘Internet of Things’ refers to the interconnection of internet computing embedded in every day devices that allow you to send and receive data. Now, have you ever herd of Google […]

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Famous INSTA-ntaneously!

  Smartphones… So what’s so ‘smart’ about them? Well, they’re not just your average mobile phone anymore. In fact, they are everything but, these days. Your average mobile phone is now your portable internet modem AND your portable PC. Forget the traditional paper usage of your everyday life, that’s old news! Remember the calendar you […]

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“OMG, you’d never believe what I just heard…!”

VIRAL MARKETING… It’s one hell of an internet virus! Have you ever taken interest in a particular product or service, so much so, you share content about that particular product or service to another user? Uh-oh… if you have, looks like you’ve caught the virus too and you are spreading it fast! Social media networks […]

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Jasmin Smith   Understanding Social Media Consumers Hey! How’s it going? I can’t believe it has been a week since I was last active. Sorry I haven’t been online sooner to create another blog. I have been far too busy researching further in to the World Wide Web and I have probably been spending way too […]