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Understanding Social Media Consumers


How’s it going?


I can’t believe it has been a week since I was last active. Sorry I haven’t been online sooner to create another blog. I have been far too busy researching further in to the World Wide Web and I have probably been spending way too much time on social media as well!

Well, my social media butterflies, I know how quickly you can fly around the World Wide Web and connect with just about anyone, but have you ever taken the time out to think about why these people want to connect with you? Or why these people might not want to connect with you?

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I know I have… I’m a social butterfly myself so I try to fly around my social media sites constantly to connect with users, however, I don’t always get a response back and it makes me question, “Why”?  Why, for an example, an active online user cannot respond to a simple hello, but can constantly update their social media feeds with various content and interact with other online users on these posts?

Marketing Attitudes


I guess it all comes down to what motivates or drives a consumer to want to use social media, so I guess when we can understand why a consumer wants to use social media, we begin to understand how they might use that social media and why they behave the way they do on social media. Usually these motives are either of a rational or emotional response.

I know the reason I use social media is purely because I want to connect with other users. I do this by uploading photos and information about myself I think could be appealing to others. I hope to get a response from my followers and that response I desire, is to form a conversation with my followers, potentially meet like-minded people and build on relationships with them, so you could say I have an emotional motive to use social media.


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However, other consumers use social media for different reasons, for example, a consumer may have a rational motive to want to use social media purely to follow their favourite sporting teams. So when this consumer creates their social media accounts, they may not be interested in wanting to connect with other users, they may only be interested in watching what their favourite players do inside and outside of their sporting events. Maybe that’s the reason a user could be online and sharing content but not responding to my messages?

Check out these stats!

Let’s take a quick look at some statistics from Forrester Research who found that 1036 Australian active users were selected for this study to form a set of online consumer behaviour groups on Facebook. The following groups were formed:

  • The Creators: 22%
  • The Conversationalists: 47%
  • The Critics: 40%
  • The Collectors: 13%
  • The Joiners: 59%
  • The Spectators: 67%
  • The Inactives: 20%


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We can see that there is a range of groups consumers can be classified into and based on these groups we can see that not all online users on your social media accounts are actually active, in fact, a vast majority have created an account and that may possibly have been the only activity they have done. For example, The Joiners or The Inactives, meanwhile users such as The Creators, The Conversationalists and The Critics are actively expressing themselves on social media, creating a lot of user generated content.

We are also represented with some active users, such as The Collectors and The Spectators, who are merely only viewing social feeds so their activity involvement is quite low. Phew! Now I don’t feel so bad being ignored by some of these online users.


giphy-downsized (1).gif


As for you my social butterflies, I hope you too were just as intrigued, hopefully enough to watch the video posted below on the top social media trends of 2017!


Digital marketing is taking over and social media is its BIGGEST TREND!

Spread your wings social butterflies, the new age is approaching.

Jasmin x




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