Famous INSTA-ntaneously!

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So what’s so ‘smart’ about them? Well, they’re not just your average mobile phone anymore. In fact, they are everything but, these days. Your average mobile phone is now your portable internet modem AND your portable PC. Forget the traditional paper usage of your everyday life, that’s old news!


Remember the calendar you used to buy at the beginning of every new year? Remember the countless amount of folders you use to put all your paperwork in? Remember the good old, heavy chunk of yellow papers called ‘The Yellow Pages’ you used to spend half an hour flicking through in search of contact details?


Think about it for a minute… wow, the memories. Now I have one more question for you, do you remember all the frustration you endured having to find a place to put all this paper junk you so desperately needed to have in your home?   I bet you do! I also bet you don’t have half of it inside your homes anymore? Why? Because of…


It’s amazing how so many household needs can be stored and tucked away safely in your pocket. Talk about genius right? Here’s some statistics that might blow your phone up.

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1. There are over 3.5 BILLION mobile internet users


That’s right. Thanks to smartphones, mobile marketing is the driver of our society. Traditional marketing is becoming the thing of the past. With over 3.5 billion mobile internet users, everyone is a marketer. Including you!

Think Instagram. Every time you upload that photo, or you “hashtag” that post, or you “heart” that advertisement, you’re selling yourself to the public eye. Better yet you’re allowing to sell yourself to 800 million other active Instagram users. Source: Cnbc



2. Individuals spend 50% of the time on digital media is on mobile apps


Our most popular and available apps, are in fact social media apps. Instagram is the second most popular to Facebook, followed by Snapchat. Although Instagram is not in the lead of social media app usage, it is becoming ever so trendy as not only are more people switching to Instagram, but Facebook now owns Instagram and Snapchat, so more similar features of Facebook can be seen on Instagram.


Minutes spent on social media apps:

Screen Shot 2018-09-02 at 4.06.07 PM.pngSource: Recode 


3. Users spend an average of 69% of their media time on a smartphone


That’s a huge amount of time spent on a phone but I don’t blame them, seeing as our smartphones hold a huge percentage of our digital consumption, who needs traditional media anyway?

It is recorded that the average person spends about 53 minutes per day on Instagram. I wonder what they’re doing in those 53 minutes? I can almost assure they are taking part of some form of marketing whether or not they’re subconsciously aware of it or not.  Source: Recode

4. Mobile devices will drive 80% of global internet usage by the end of 2018


With 80% of mobile devices driving our global internet usage, the marketing industry is going to be even more competitive thanks to social media and mobile marketing. The average Instagram user is going to become the next most wanted celebrity by just uploading a simple photo and giving it a hash tag.

The media uploaded on social media is spread like a plague within minutes and the next thing you know, your average person is being sponsored by influential brands and people. Amazing what mobile marketing can do.


Check out the link below and see how you can become Insta-famous, Insta-ntaneously.

Social Butterflies, is time you get seriously social!


Jas x



The 4 Statistic Sources: biznessapps







25 thoughts on “Famous INSTA-ntaneously!

  1. Wow, 80% of internet usage!! We’ve come a long way since the days of my first phone when my parents banned me from downloading custom ringtones onto my Motorola haha


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