There’s no place like HOME…

Ever heard of The ‘Internet of Things’…? If you haven’t, don’t stress! 87 percent of respondents from a recent survey haven’t heard of the term either!

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The ‘Internet of Things’ refers to the interconnection of internet computing embedded in every day devices that allow you to send and receive data. Now, have you ever herd of Google Home? Surely you have…


Google Home is all that and more. Google Home is a brand of ‘smart speakers’ developed by Google. These new speakers enable consumers to interact with the speakers via voice command. Consumers are able to control things all throughout their home via configuration settings on the Google Home app. A lot of things can be controlled thanks to the Internet of Things and I’m going to tell you which five things, Google Home can do for you.


1. Chromecast Integration

Providing you have a Google Chromecast connection, you can command Google Home to turn on and off your TV and even better, you can also control what you view on TV by asking Google Home to turn on your favourite TV series like ‘Brooklyn 99’. The Google Home App also allows you to link various streaming devices to watch all your media on, like YouTube or Netflix.

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2. My Day:

The My Day feature allows users to ask the Google Assistant on Google Home about what’s in store for your upcoming day. It can tell you how long it will take for you to get to the places you need to be, along with the current traffic conditions. It can give you weather updates and it even sources general news for you from a variety of different sources. The choice is yours!

3. Reminders/ calendars/ Events:

No need to purchase your yearly calendars from the Post Office anymore, Google Home notes down every appointment you have going on for the year, (that’s if you ask nicely)! It will store a specific schedule at a specific time so it can notify you of all the specifics.

Google Home also allows you to leave reminders so that when you need something, Google Home can give you all you need, right at the tip of your fingertips, no more tip of the tongue!


4. Smart Home Control:

But wait there’s more! Google Home even lets you be in control of your smart home devices for example, your house lights, thermos stats and even your garage door. Talk about smart.


5. Music/Podcast Playback:

Just when you thought it couldn’t get any better, Google Home lets you play music whenever you want and wherever you want. Google Home will source through music by command and with some additional speaker set up, allow music to be played throughout each room of the house and it will pick up where you left off.


It’s quite incredible that with the extra hand of the ‘Internet of Things’, were able to control our living environments at the touch of our finger tips. We can say goodbye to household chores and say hello to heavenly home. It’s the little things that count.


“Google Home, please ask my blog readers, “What are your thoughts?


I’m afraid I have to fly social butterflies; some things can be done without leaving home, but not everything.


Jas x







14 thoughts on “There’s no place like HOME…

  1. I really like the Google Home concept and how it allows you to stay connected to all your devices, like streaming videos of chrome cast and listening to music and more. The fact that Google Home can take notes for you, make reminders and give you helpful alerts is something very cool. Great read on the Internet of Things Jas! feel free to check out my latest blog on smart fridges!


  2. I want a Google Home device now, would make life that little bit easier 🙂 I loved reading this blog, I am always learning something new from your blogs.


  3. Our Google Home is so cool!!! Everybody who comes over loves using it to control the playlist. Did you know the Google Home actually records every voice command you give it? Always good for a laugh when you listen to party guests trying to work it 😀

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