I M C-oca-Cola


Rise and shine beautiful bloggers! Today marks a special day. Well, not entirely… to you it might just be an ordinary day but to me it’s a special day. It’s the first day I have been able to walk out in a summer dress and actually feel like summer is finally on its way.

Better yet, I have a nice cold coke can next to me while I write this. All I can think about is happiness when I think of summer. Summer makes me happy but I bet Coca-Cola had something to do with it to. They really know how to strongly affiliate their brand with an emotion.

giphy (4)

But as much as I love Coca-Cola, I won’t be talking too much about them today. However I will be looking further into why and how the campaign I just showed you became such a success and why we might associate different feelings to different brands and its all thanks to an IMC plan!

An IMC plan is an Integrated Marketing Communications plan, designed to help a business achieve certain objectives within a marketing campaign. It aims to unifying an array of promotional material used for a campaign to communicate a message to a specific audience in a clear, consistent and concise manner. It also helps a business create added value for their brand and allows a business to monitor the messages being delivered by the business effectively.

There are six main steps a business like Coca-Cola must take in order to successfully launch a campaign like the one above, here’s how:



1. Situational Analysis


The first stage of the IMC planning process refers to conducting a situational analysis about the business. This brings about awareness to where a business is positioned in an industry. They are also able to identify the main competitors they are up against and where they too are positioned in the market.

A SWOT analysis and an external and internal environmental analysis is usually used to conduct this.


tenor (2).gif

2. Target Market


The second most important part of an IMC plan is to find out who your target market is for your business. This can be achieved through mapping them out on a demographic as well as psychographic level. Once you have identified your target market, you then have to set objectives on how you will reach your chosen segment.




3. Communication Objectives


The third step of the IMC plan is coherent with step 2. You must further set out business objectives that you would like your business to communicate to your target audience and general public.

Some objectives may include:

  • Develop Brand Awareness
  • Reinforce purchase decisions
  • Increase Annual Sales by 6%


4. Budget


In this stage, it’s important to set a budget for your business’s campaign. Your budget should not exceed your annual profitability. There is a few budgeting techniques business’s use for the expenses of their campaigns, you can find out more about it here.



5. Marketing Mix Strategy


The marketing mix analyses the seven principles of marketing and helps determine a set of actions a business can take to promote its products or services and create demand for them. Once you understand how your campaign effects these seven principles, your campaign will be almost ready to launch.

  • Price
  • Product
  • Place
  • Promotion
  • Process
  • Physical
  • People

6. Evaluation


The final step of the IMC planning process is to evaluate the success rate of the campaign, whereby the campaign can be measured through the use of social media metrics, for example, Google analytics to track engagement. Marketing metrics can allow you to get a good idea on your current reach and can give you leads to any alterations you may need for your campaigns success.


giphy (3)


Hope you enjoyed the read my social butterflies! Better get busy with your IMC planning for your businesses, Opera’s keeping an eye on you and so am I. Better fly off before we catch you!

Jasmin x

For a more in-depth understanding on IMC planning, visit here!

20 thoughts on “I M C-oca-Cola

    1. That’s a tough topic for debate. Some would argue it is not ethical but unfortunately we live in a dog-eat dog world and competition is fierce! So I would have to say I believe it is ethical, welcome to the marketing and advertising industry, you do what you need to do to elicit an emotional response and behaviour by your consumers.


  1. I definitely remember this ad campaign, I was obsessed with the singer from that ad! So that’s why I start craving Coca-Cola every time I listen to Panic At The Disco…..


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