Would you like some spam with that?



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Spam… one of life’s not so great wonders and I’m not talking about the ‘tinned meat’ type…


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The spam that I want to cover is the annoying type. Those unsolicited messages sent over the internet, indiscriminately, to a large number of Internet users, usually persuading users to conform to an ‘offer’ in return for monetary value.

Although those two types of spam are greatly differentiated, they have at least one thing in common, they are both sent in large quantities and people don’t really like them and I can tell you right now, I am one of them!




Did you know, as of March 2018 it was reported that spam messages accounted for  48.16 percent of e-mail traffic worldwide?

Internet scammers use spam to pry on the weak, vulnerable, lonely and insecure members of society and unfortunately it is used as a successful means of scamming these internet users for money.

In fact, I can name one lady who wouldn’t even dare touch a tin of spam because the spam I’m talking about, took everything from her and after an event like that, who would ever want to hear the word ‘spam’ ever again? Yuck.

Last year, (2017), an elderly woman aged 83 years old from Western Australia was robbed of more than half a million dollars by internet scammers.




The woman was looking to purchase a property in the western suburbs of Western Australia when internet scammers had intercepted emails between her son who was acting on her behalf and the elderly woman and the settlement agent. Sneaky!

The internet scammers spammed the elderly woman’s web mail with emails stating that they were her settlement agent and she must pay $558,000 as the ‘final payment’ for a property she was intending to purchase. They proceeded to state that the money must be transferred into a ‘bogus’ account for settlement.

The payment was then successfully transferred into the account and withdrawn before the son of the elderly woman realised the account was in fact fake and that he and his mother had been scammed by spam…


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A further few clients of another settlement agency in Western Australia were also robbed of payments towards property rentals and purchasers after emails were intercepted. Crazy huh?

Statista reports that roughly 269 billion emails were sent and received each day in 2017 and the figure is expected to increase to over 333 billion daily mails in 2022, talk about annoying!

I wonder how many spam emails you’ve received today? I hope they’re in your junk folder because that’s where trash belongs.


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Until next time my social butterflies. All this talk about spam makes me want to clean out my emails now.


Jas x


P.S, don’t be fooled by internet spammers because you might just transfer your life savings in to my account!


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20 thoughts on “Would you like some spam with that?

    1. There are so many victims of internet scamming and spamming, it is very sad. Although most email outlets are trying to filter these messages into your junk email, I hope one day they find out a way to completely block out spam from being sent to email to email.


  1. Thats crazy that nearly half of all emails worldwide are spam mail! Hopefully one day someone comes up with a way to block spam because I hate to think that its going to get worse


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