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As you all know, social media is an ever-growing and popular online platform, that has proven time and time over to be fundamental for the communication between B2B and B2C.


In 2019, it is estimated that there will be around 2.77 billion social media users around the globe. Now that’s a lot of flutter!




While social media marketing seems very appealing, it does have its drawbacks and unfortunately it isn’t all sunshine and rainbows…


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4 Dark Secrets You Must Know About The Web







1. Social Media Is Time Insensitive


Maintaining an interactive social media presence is very time consuming. Most marketers these days have more than one active social media account. For marketers, this means they have to monitor a variety of different social media platforms and each platform may have an entirely different marketing approach and an entirely different public brand persona.


Did you know, 58% of marketers spend a little over 11 hours a week on maintaining a social media presence? 


11 hours spent on on your brands social status, doesn’t mean you’re going to achieve effective results either… Time may be considered ‘wasted’ to many online marketers who don’t create enough engagement on their social media sites. This can lead to the tarnishing of a brands image along with a potential loss of profits.






2. Brand Reputation Can Be Damaged:


Everyone has access to social media, anywhere, anytime. Which means social media users have the power to post whatever they want, wherever they want, however they want and post on behalf as whoever they want.


A brand’s reputation can be harmed in more ways than one, as a brand is vulnerable to malicious and negative accounts, some of which only have the intention to taint your brands reputation.



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3. Social Media Accounts Are Vulnerable To Security Breaches:


The World Wide Web is a very dark web and you my social butterflies, don’t want to get caught in it! There are many users on the internet that would go to any extent to gain access to just about anything that has monetary value.


Internet hackers can gain access to your social media accounts and access valuable information about you, your business and/or your marketing strategies. This gain of access could potentially diminish your brand as this accessed information can be leaked, modified, sold, exchanged or even used against you.


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4. ROI Is Difficult To Measure:

Did you know, only 41% of marketers are able to measure the ROI and effectiveness of their efforts properly? As social media is growing so rapidly, it is harder for marketers to monitor their engagement and achievements.


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So my social butterflies, if you one day become the next CEO or marketing manager for a company, it is important you become aware of the dark social media marketing net.

Although we would all love to fly around the World Wide Web ever so freely, the World Wide Web isn’t all sunshine and rainbows.




Make sure you remember to leave your digital footprints on my blog post, I would love to hear your thoughts!


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20 thoughts on “SOCIAL MEDIA SHOCKERS!

    1. The World Wide Web poses just as many difficulties for social media marketers as it does with possibilities! How marketers and business’s manage their online marketing will determine their success, but even so, that is not always the case.


  1. Hi Jasmin, great blog post I really enjoyed the content. I agree that ROI is extremely difficult to measure through social media…especially the exposure and word of mouth promotions that you cannot measure. Hopefully companies utilise social media marketing more effectively in the future, but there will definitely be an increase in the amount of breaches and hackings that occur!


  2. Great blog post! Crazy to think how many social media users there is worldwide, but even crazier to think of the power that comes with it! Totally agree with your argument about how easily a brand reputation can be ruined though, goes to show how easy it is for consumers to make or break a brand with he use of social media. Scary stuff.


  3. Hey Jasmine! Great read.

    I do have to agree that social media can make or break a company, in terms of it being put on a pedestal beamed with spotlight. I mean, as you’ve perfectly mentioned social media users have the power to post whatever the want, whenever they want and however they want. Therefore, a company who accidentally phrases wording or misspells content can harm their reputation.

    Here are a couple of brand examples who have done this (if interested to read);

    Fingers cross businesses in the future will further optimise their social media marketing more effectively sooner of later!


  4. Wow, a little over 11 hours per week maintaining social media presence? Sounds like marketing is my calling!!!!! How great would it be to get paid for all those hours I’m already wasting on social media ❤


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